OrgNAV - The organisation navigator for your company

Our organisation navigator is a set of tools that lets you drive your employees, your company or your organisation. Use these extensive toolset (360 degrees survey LeadNAV, team matrix GroupNAV and real time survey tool SysNAV) to optimize your company culture and increase efficiency of each individual, team - your organisation!

To enable the development of communication of a traditional organisation to a integrated operating company organism, we developed 3 tools of a intregal, dialogue-oriented counseling approach:


Leadership Navigator with 360°-survey not only gives information about the leadership or working style of your employees, but also about the social situation (culture/values).


Measure the quality of relationships in a team or group with GroupNAV.


Our System Navigator (SysNAV) is a powerful for continuous monitoring and sustainable improvement of your employee's satisfaction.

While LeadNAV (360 degrees feedback) and GroupNAV (team matrix) are focussing on the development of communicative and network-oriented capabilities of managers and employees on the "I" and "WE" level, the third tool (online survey tool SysNAV) was designed as a social software, that enables complete organisations (such as whole companies) to self-organize and self-monitoring on the "IT"-level.

All 3 tools combine the consistent focus on joint learning. They are the key for the development end expansion of new collective skills on the "I" (LeadNAV 360°) - "WE" (team matrix GroupNAV) - "IT" (realtime survey tool SysNAV) levels of a collectively intelligent company organism.

You are interested in our Organisation Navigator tools?

We are happy to talk about the use and opportunities of our tools with you in more detail and gather a strategy for you individually.