Sustainable efficiency improvement of your team performance

"Wer auf sein Kommunikationsverhalten und seine Netzwerkfähigkeiten kein direktes, qualifiziertes und respektables Feedback bekommt, wird sich nicht entwickeln."

The tool GroupNAV is a simply structured, but highly meaningful analysis tool to evaluate the networking of members in groups or teams.

Each participant values the relation of 2 members on 2 valuation levels:


Relevance of functional relationship


Quailty of personal relationship

The results are available for all participants. It focusses on the difference between the functional and personal relationship. Where we find a discrepancy between both valuation layers, conversation and discussion is needed.

The tool helps to develop teams - through individual or team sessions after the survey, which are moderated and accompanied by professional coaches. The goal is to sustainably increase team performance.

Feature overview:


Entering the data into a matrix

The participants of GroupNAV enter their valuations of the functional and personal relationships of each member into a matrix. The valuations are changeable at any time and can be saved for several intervals.

One important note: The valuations are always a snapshot of the current situation at the time of the valuation. It's not meant to give a forecast or something similar.


Based on the valuations of the participants, a report will be generated fully automated. This report gives insights about the team performance and highlights potential issus inside the team.

The report considers the feedback of each participant to the personal and functional relationships of all members of a team or group. Additionaly, each participant can compare his own view with the average results for the whole group and reflect his impact on the group.

Basically a team score will be calculated, which summarises all valuations and allows comparison with other groups.



Monitoring the team development

If GroupNAV is used for several intervals, the tool provides a view on the development of the team performance. For example, a new interval should be started after each team session to see if the team performance changed over the time.

You'll get a comprehensive and continuous monitoring and can intervene specifically.

Is GroupNAV interesting for your team?

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